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© 2019 by Re-leaf LLC. 

How does it work?


The world's top kratom exporters send us their kratom and we send it out to our 50+ kratom experts. They score it honestly without knowing who or where the product came from. We list there score!


Is it tested for contamination?


Luckily we only deal with the globes finest mitragyna speciosa sellers. So, the kratom is tested in Indonesia. But, we also go one step further. We send on-site testing strips to you with every order! So you can be E-Coli & Salmonella - FREE.

We also have additional tests available for fungi and heavy metals!

How do you know all the universe's kratom distributors? 

We have been very successful in the speciosa industry for many years. We are now letting you in on our network! We have purchased from over 60 very well known vendors.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 40 kilos.

How do we order?

Just go to the contact page and let us know what you want. We will communicate after that.


How can we trust you?

Google "Re-leaf LLC" read a little and you'll be buying right away.

Indonesia's Best Suppliers Get Tested.

You Buy Them Here.

Looking for a dumpster kratom? Shop elsewhere. 

Tell us what you want. We get it. It's that simple.

Mass Quantities for:
Why Choose Dial-a-Dumpster?

Great Low Prices - Competitive pricing. We have a business model unlike anyone in the world. We have top of the line execution at every level. We will supply you with th ebest in the world.

Easy Online Ordering – Fill out our contact  form and we will get back to you within 48 hours  with a full quote or more information for you.​

Flexible Ordering Options– We offer anywhere from 5 day to 31 days delivery times. 

Telephone Support – We will call you if you need us to. Use the contact form to open up communication.

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